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ZF Aftermarket launches its telematics platform ‘Openmatics’ in India

ZF Aftermarket has launched its telematics platform ‘Openmatics’ in India, for vehicle applications. It was announced by the company at the ACMA Automechanika New Delhi.

Openmatics is a technology for Commercial Vehicle and Passenger car segments. Openmatics is manufacturer-independent telematics platform, which initially established itself in the commercial vehicle market six years ago.

openmatics-t'wireThe Openmatics OnBoard-Unit transfers vehicle-specific data to a secure cloud database where web-based apps access this data and analyze it for users. This seamless interaction offers fleet operators tangible benefits. For owners of a mixed vehicle fleet, Openmatics provides solution by replacing the many different telematics systems used by vehicle manufacturers.

From 2017, Openmatics will also offer its service portfolio for passenger cars. With the new Dashboard app, Openmatics provides the functions of a fleet portal. The portfolio also targets owners of large mixed car fleets, primarily car rental companies and car-sharing service providers, workshops and insurance companies.

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