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Wunelli to introduce insurance telematics products with Vodafone

Published: August 04, 2016 

Wunelli has recently selected Vodafone as one of its chosen suppliers for insurance telematics products. Wunelli presently provides a complete end-to-end telematics solution to enable insurers and brokers to offer telematics-based motor insurance products.

With predictions that by 2020 nearly 100 million vehicles globally will be insured with telematics policies and nearly 50% of the world’s vehicles by 2030, the demand for hard-wired telematics devices is evident. As an appointed provider for the supply of highly reliable telematics units and mission critical data, Vodafone will play an important role in the telematics offering from Wunelli. Vodafone will assist Wunelli in providing insurers with an expanding choice of data collection methods, working closely with the leading suppliers for each field.

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Selim Cavanagh, Vice President of Telematics, Wunelli, said:

We are very pleased to announce Vodafone as one of our chosen suppliers of telematics units and essential vehicle information. Data quality and integrity is obviously central to any telematics proposition and Vodafone’s expertise in the connected car space including design and manufacture of high performance telematics products will support the delivery of the high quality we demand.

Last month, Vodafone said the Internet of Things has gone truly mainstream, with enterprises spending as much on the technology as they are on cloud, mobility and analytics. Almost a quarter of their annual budgets is being devoted to the IoT.

Earlier this year, Wunelli has also developed Driver Signature™ analytics for smartphone telematics app, which tackles the risk of fraud, using machine learning to identify when a policyholder is driving rather than in the passenger seat of a vehicle, in a taxi or on a bus, with a 15% improvement in accuracy compared to the rules-based approach commonly used.

Working closely with all major software houses these days, Wunelli provides a complete end-to-end solution to enable insurers and brokers to offer telematics-based motor insurance products, in an efficient manner.

Source: Wunelli

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