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WISeKey launches advanced ISTANA PKI platform

WISeKey International Holding a leading Swiss cybersecurity and IoT solutions company has announced that it has launched its advanced ISTANA PKI platform specifically tailored to the needs of IoT ecosystems.

Some features of Istana PKI platform are:

  • It allows smart car manufactures to validate the authenticity of different vehicle components.
  • Certificate-based security also protects onboard communication between vehicle component.
  • It also enables secure over-the-air software updates.
  • The authentication certificates can be used by employees, dealers, and suppliers to access car components to diagnose mechanical/technical issues and update software, from any location.
  • The platform allows users to securely interact with a car’s smart features using smartphones and other devices.

Currently, WISeKey is working with several smart car manufacturers and its ISTANA PKI platform is already active in several large-scale projects. Embedded WISeKey hardware security in the car protects the “identity” of each device, prevents unauthorized tampering, and protects the privacy and security of the vast amount of data these devices generate.

WISeKey launches advanced ISTANA PKI platform

A fundamental principle behind the security of WISeKey Semiconductors is that its chips not only control how devices perform under normal conditions, but also control how these devices react when attacked or tampered with in any way, including self-destruction.

WISeKey Semiconductor chips are designed to authenticate individual car components within the vehicle itself, ensure that only legitimate software is installed in the car, authenticate users and ensure that only legitimate users have access to the connected car functions and encrypt data to make it tamperproof and private.

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