Waymo will test its autonomous cars in Atlanta

Waymo will test its autonomous cars in Atlanta and for the purpose, it is mapping downtown the city last week. The company made public this information on Twitter recently. Waymo has successfully tested its autonomous cars without drivers in Phoenix and with safety drivers in cities outside Arizona.

Atlanta which is known for its bad traffic and humid climate offers a new set of challenges for the Waymo cars but at more places and in diverse conditions they are tested better capability the car develops to function in complex scenarios and more failproof they become.

According to some reports, Atlanta marks Waymo’s 25th test city in total, including its recent return to San Francisco. But its tests have been mainly concentrated to five cities: Phoenix, Mountain View, San Francisco, Austin, Detroit, and Kirkland, Washington. The climate and geographic features of these places vary a lot. So it seems the company is testing its cars in different conditions before launching its ride-hailing service.

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