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Waymo training Law Enforcement on how to deal with self-driving cars

Telematics Wire had reported that Waymo has released first ever safety report on its self-driving car. The company in the report has revealed that it is training the Law Enforcement in the cities it is testing its autonomous cars on how to deal with various issues related to AVs such as accidents, crash recognition etc.

The company has stated in the report “We plan to continue conducting these on-site training while expanding the scope of the training program as our vehicles become more capable and our operational design domain expands.”


The autonomous car has to cross many hurdles before it becomes a common thing, the legal or legislative issues are one of the major hurdles. The regulatory environment needs to evolve with the technology, for this the Law Enforcement which has to deal with the situation directly is a spoke in the wheel and needs to be trained appropriately. Waymo has been training its cars in various environments, the company has even developed a software to test its cars in virtual condition. Telematics Wire had also reported that Waymo had teamed up with Chandler Police and Fire in Arizona to set up an “emergency vehicle testing day” during which waymo trained its self-driving cars to recognize the characteristic signs of an emergency vehicle. It is good that the company is paying attention to this aspect as well which is very important for the implementation of the self-driving cars.


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