Waymo testing its self-driving cars in extreme conditions at Death Valley

Waymo is testing its vehicles in Death Valley, California. The reason behind these tests is that the company wants to make sure that its self-driving cars can cool itself and continue to operate under the hottest temperatures, with an engine running at full power and systems running at full capacity.


The company has put some of its Chrysler Pacifica cars in the desert, covering all aspects of driving. The company says it is taking more than 200 measurements per second to ensure everything carried on functioning in the heat.

Waymo mentioned in its blog on Medium that its testing confirmed the results of its drive cell work and its hardware is road-ready for extreme heat. It said “By pushing our car to its limits in testing, we can rest assured that no matter where our riders choose to drive — even if that’s in the middle of the desert, on a sunny day, with the air conditioning on full blast — Waymo’s cars will still be able to get them where they need to go.”

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