Waymo and GM lead in disengagement reports by DMV California

In the annual disengagement report published by the DMV, California, Waymo and GM have come out to be the leading companies. It is known that every year DMV, California publishes the number of disengagements reported by companies it has licensed to test autonomous vehicles on its public roads.

Disengagement according to DMV is when a driver has to take back control of the autonomous car due to some technical failure or any safety issue. In the report, GM made a significant improvement from last year and Waymo has maintained its lead over the other companies.

It was also interesting to note that Tesla’s autonomous vehicles did not clock a single mile in California this year. So the report is in congruence with the report by Navigant Research which showed GM and Waymo leading the race and Tesla trailing far behind.

The disengagement reports also point out that the fully driverless cars are still not fully reliable and still need some time to be fully operational on roads although the technology has improved from the last year.


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