Volvo Cars’ new 360c autonomous concept

The company describes 360c concept, a holistic view of a future of travel that is autonomous, electric, connected and safe

Volvo cars has revealed its vision for the future of autonomous travel, Volvo 360c concept. The company describes it as a holistic view of a future of travel that is autonomous, electric, connected and safe. Some of it key features are mentioned below:

  • The basis of the 360c is a fully autonomous, fully electric car without a human driver.
  • The concept capitalizes on the freedom in design afforded by the absence of a steering wheel and a combustion engine, providing the ability to reimagine the traditional placement of passengers in rows of two or three.
  • It presents four potential uses of autonomous driving vehicles – a sleeping environment, mobile office, living room and entertainment space – which all reimagine the way people travel. It also introduces a proposal for a global standard in how autonomous vehicles can safely communicate with all other road users.
  • It represents a potentially lucrative competitor to short-haul air travel, a multi-billion dollar industry comprising airlines, aircraft makers and other service providers. Especially shorter routes where the distance between origin and destination is around 300 kilometers are prime candidates for disruption by an alternative mode of travel.
  • It also carries implications for the future of travel, city planning, infrastructure, and modern society’s environmental footprint. It does not just reimagine how people travel but also looks at how people engage with friends and family while on the move, and how they can recapture time while traveling in the cities of the future.
  • The concept environments reflect the potential for change in the fundamental structure of how people live, by transforming unproductive or boring travel time into useful and enjoyable minutes or hours on the road.
  • The 360c is a first yet deliberate step towards a broad discussion about the potential for autonomous driving technology to fundamentally change society in many ways.

With the 360c, Volvo Cars also explores opportunities to expand its business model beyond that of a traditional car manufacturer. The company anticipates strong customer interest from a range of different industries. It could open up new growth markets for Volvo Cars, for example in the multi-billion dollar domestic air travel industry.

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