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Viva Bahrain launches Connected Life smart system

Published: March 29, 2016

Viva Bahrain has introduced Connected Life, a range of smart technologies for homes and cars, along with portable devices for child tracking and health monitoring. Customers can secure their home with an intelligent door lock with advanced access features, and smart surveillance cameras with sensor-activated functions. Viva said its Connected Life also delivers energy-saving benefits with an LED home lighting system and Wi-Fi thermostats.

Viva has also partnered with King Hamad University Hospital (KHUH) and iHealth to introduce Viva Connected Health devices. Its kit includes blood pressure and glucose monitors. With an application on handheld devices, it allows customers to track, view, store and share health records.

Viva is introducing connected car services powered by Vinli. The hi-tech device turns any car into a connected smart car within seconds of installation. It enables on-board entertainment with a 4G Wi-Fi connection. Vinli by Viva also assists with safety, security, and car diagnostics. Vinli comes with an embedded SIM Card. Using this SIM Card, Vinli can act as a Wi-Fi Hotspot to provide in-car Wi-Fi. Using the embedded sensors, Vinli can detect a crash and immediately notify the pre-defined contacts via SMS. Using the GPS module, Vinli will list nearby maintenance and roadside assistance shops in case of a flat tire or dead battery. Vinli will show the maintenance milestones and provide detailed information on the health of the car.

Source: Viva Bahrain

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