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Velodyne’s new fixed-laser, solid-state Velarray LiDAR sensor

Velodyne LiDAR has announced its new fixed-laser, solid-state Velarray LiDAR sensor. The company claims it to be a cost-effective yet high-performance and rugged automotive product in a small form factor.

The Velarray sensor can be seamlessly embedded in both autonomous vehicles and advanced driver-assist safety (ADAS) systems. It has got a high standard for image quality and functionality delivered in smaller, more cost-effective form factors.

The Velarray was developed at Velodyne Labs, the company’s advanced research and development group, to combine the performance and reliability of its legacy LiDAR sensors with a small form factor to deliver the foremost technology and flexibility for enabling advanced safety and autonomous vehicles.

Velodyne LiDAR fixed state Lidar sensor

The new Velarray LiDAR sensor uses Velodyne’s proprietary ASICs (Application Specific Integrated Circuits) to achieve superior performance metrics in a small package size of 125mm x 50mm x 55mm that can be embedded into the front, sides, and corners of vehicles.

It provides up to a 120-degree horizontal and 35-degree vertical field-of-view, with a 200-meter range even for low-reflectivity objects. With an automotive integrity safety level rating of ASIL B, Velarray will not only ensure safe operation in L4 and L5 autonomous vehicles but also in ADAS-enabled cars. It has a target price in the hundreds of dollars when produced in mass volumes.

The company has scheduled customer demonstration of the core technology for the summer of 2017, with engineering sample units available by the end of 2017 ahead of production in 2018. It will be produced in scale at the company’s new Megafactory in San Jose.

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