US federal government working towards legislation of self-driving cars

The US federal government now is now getting serious towards the legislation for self-driving cars as they are gaining popularity and companies accelerating efforts towards them. A bipartisan group of senators is working on legislation of self-driving cars and it might be introduced soon.


According to reports, the bill being drafted would represent the first changes to the federal law aimed at self-driving cars. So far, the government has issued autonomous car guidelines, but they are not mandatory and several states have enacted their own self-driving car regulations. But if this federal legislation is passed and comes into effect it would surpass all the laws made on the subject by the states.

The reports are stating that the regulations will be so framed that it will balance between encouraging the development of self-driving cars and issues like safety and cybersecurity. It might also fix separate roles of state and the federal government so that there is no encroachment of rights among the two.

Working in this direction the US Congress this week held latest of a series of hearings to accumulate more information about the self-driving cars. There is an increasing pressure from the side of automakers who are eager to launch their self-driving cars and as they say, the ambiguity around the regulation of self-driving cars is the only hurdle they are facing. A significant bipartisan effort that urges manufacturers to make cyber security a “top priority” in self-driving vehicles took place over the last two days through the release of principles for bipartisan legislation on self-driving vehicles and a subsequent hearing, “Paving the Way for Self-Driving Vehicles.”

But it is not an easy task for the legislators as they need to address several issues like safety, security and deal with scenarios like accident or crash involving self-driving cars and the also liability in those cases. There are also chances that the Trump administration may change the guidelines issued during Obama administration this also a concern and the lawmakers will have to keep this in mind while framing the legislation.

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