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Unpragmatic to say self-driving cars will be ubiquitous on city streets in a few years: Bryan Salesky, CEO, Argo AI

Telematics Wire had reported last month that GM has created world’s first mass producible autonomous car and it was followed by an announcement this week by Baidu that it aims to mass produce autonomous cars with help of  BAIC from the year 2019. A number of companies are working to bring autonomous technology as soon as possible but Bryan Salesky, CEO, Argo AI is of a different opinion.

Writing in his blog on Medium, Salesky opines “We’re still very much in the early days of making self-driving cars a reality. Those who think fully self-driving vehicles will be ubiquitous on city streets months from now or even in a few years are not well connected to the state of the art or committed to the safe deployment of the technology. For those of us who have been working on the technology for a long time, we’re going to tell you the issue is still really hard, as the systems are as complex as ever.”

Unpragmatic to say self-driving cars will be ubiquitous on city streets: Bryan Salesky, CEO, Argo AI

It is known that Argo AI is backed by Ford motors that has invested $1 Billion in the company. Ford is considered among the leading companies in the race to develop the self driving car, with this background it makes this statement very significant. Although the companies are making tall claims regarding self-driving cars it will have to go through a lot of stages before it becomes a reality.

Salesky ends his write up further affirming that there is no silver bullet and Argo AI will be playing the long game, he writes “We’re taking a pragmatic approach to bringing about fully self-driving cars — incorporating the state of the art while acknowledging there’s no silver bullet. We’re playing the long game and avoiding the hype in our commitment to bring this important technology to maturity in the form of a great product that earns the trust of millions of people around the world.”

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