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UK sees self-driving cars operating freely on its streets from 2021

In order to promote self-driving cars in the country, UK is going to allow autonomous cars to be tested on its streets without human drivers from 2019, which the government expects will eventually lead to self-driving cars operating freely on the streets of the country from 2021. According to media reports, the chancellor will announce new rules on the regulation of self-driving car in this week’s budget. Many companies like JLR, Oxbotica etc have been testing their self-driving cars in the country but under the current rules, they have a driver seated behind the wheels to take control if things go out of control.

Self Driving Car
UK sees self-driving cars operating freely on the streets of the country from 2021

It is known that in large parts of Europe and US, still have rules that require a human to be present behind the wheels for testing of self-driving cars, UK thus by making these changes and coming up with linient regulations expects to become the hub of development of autonomous and connected cars. The step by the government is being applauded by the automotive industry in the country. Along with this announcement of funds for electric cars and their charging infrastructure is also being expected.

Along with the advantages of these technologies in creation of employment and development in the standard of living UK also needs these technologies as the population in the UK is getting older with 18% aged 65 and over and 2.4% aged 85 and over. The companies like Waymo, Uber, Lyft have been planning to lauch self-driving taxis. Waymo has already lauched self-driving taxis in Phoenix, Arizona, so we can expect self-drivng taxis plying on the roads of country in a few years.


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