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Uber plans to track driver behaviour through app

Published: July 1, 2016 

In a bid to stop unprofessional driving habits, Uber has now introduced a way to track driver behaviour. The new update in app is sepcifically for drivers that monitors their speed and other factors. The app functions by capturing GPS data from drivers’ phones to present speed information in real time. This will not only help the drivers maintain their speeding habits but also let the passengers feel safe while riding in an Uber car.

The software is now being rolled out in several cities as part of test phase. The company believes that this app will help in getting feedback on drivers, with the feedback then able to improve driver behaviour. As part of the improvement, driver’s detail report will be compared to other Uber drivers in the city while it will also provide feedback and suggestions to improve their driving. They will also be given reminders about taking breaks between rides, which is highly essential to maintain concentration and alertness while driving.

Due to rising demand of Uber rides in different cities, drivers also have now started taking more number of rides, which gives them very less time to take halts in between. It will also be able to detect when drivers brake harshly by monitoring sensors. Therefore, through these sensors, they will be tracked and alerted while speeding. Along with that, messages will be sent to drivers to mount the phone on the dashboard instead of holding the phone while driving.

In addition to helping you have a safe trip, the data collected for this feature will also record driving patterns, which will be used as research for Uber’s forthcoming self-driving car. However, this is not the first time Uber has experimented with monitoring driver behavior. The ride hailing company began tracking drivers in Houston by looking at the sensors in their smartphones earlier this year.

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