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u-blox module for smart bus solution in Taiwan


u-blox announced that its technology is powering a new smart bus solution from Baoruh Electronic in Taiwan which combines LTE-based telematics and Automated Fare Collection(AFC) for intelligent fleet management.
Its modules provide accurate positioning across various conditions, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and high speed 4G connectivity with 3G fallback.

The new POS One smart bus solution uses the NEO-M8U positioning module which is untethered-(without use of smartphone or any other separate connecting device) , dead reckoning GNSS solution. Dead reckoning is process of calculating one’s position by estimating the direction and distance travelled rather than by using landmarks or astronomical observations. For enhanced positioning accuracy it uses acceleration and gyroscope sensors incorporated in this module. A TOBY-L280 cellular module transmits vehicle telematics and on-board payment transactions over a high speed LTE connection to back systems. An ELLA-W131 module provides additional Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity for ease of access to vehicle data logs and video recordings.

“We chose u-blox because of its industry leading performance, automotive grade design, and reliability,” says James Chung, President of Baoruh Electronic. “Using their modules we were able to offer a total smart bus solution featuring accurate positioning combined with a reliable, low latency connection for payment processing and vehicle telematics.”

The NEO-M8U GNSS and Untethered Dead Reckoning (UDR) module used by Baoruh’s new solution enables accurate positioning even without a clear sky view, such as in urban canyons, underground parking or tunnels, by using integrated three dimensional inertial sensors to complement GNSS positioning data.

The TOBY-L280 LTE module used for communications with fleet management and payment systems provides ultra-fast 150 Mbps 4G speeds with 3G fallback. The high speed connectivity not only gives fast and reliable payment processing but can be used for video streaming from interior or exterior vehicle cameras.

An ELLA-W131 multiradio module provides Wi-Fi as well as Bluetooth connectivity. Simultaneous client and access point operation is supported, allowing the module to act as a wireless hotspot and at the same time be connected as a client to another Wi-Fi access point.

“This collaboration with Baoruh Electronic shows illustrates how we provide core technology for advanced IoT solutions by combining u-blox’s positioning and wireless modules,” said Ming Chiang, Country Manager, u-blox Taiwan. “We look forward to continuing our collaboration as they expand their vehicle telematics product line.”

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