Fleet Management

TripManager: Qualcomm's fleet management application

Qualcomm has introduced Trip Manager, an application that will allow fleet managers to manage driver and route activities to improve operations, increase productivity and deliver better customer service. Trip Manager is integrated with Qualcomm’s Circle-of-Service Workflow application to enable fleet managers improve the way they plan, view and manage routes and drivers in near real time.

Key features of Trip Manager are:
• Trip planning, updates and route visibility;
• Electronically stored driver/trip/stop/ vehicle data for later query and reporting;
• Graphical maps over-laid with truck position and stop data;
• Fifteen minute position updates with down to one minute historic breadcrumbs;
• Daily and weekly summaries of driving and non-driving work hours;
• Easy pre-formatted, as well as customizable, reports;
• Scalable for fleets of all sizes;
• Near real-time two-way messaging;
• Over-the-air software upgrades; and
• Web services for integration with third-party routing software


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