TomTom and Zenuity join forces on “Zenuity Connected Roadview” for autonomous vehicles

TomTom and Zenuity are collaborating on “Zenuity Connected Roadview” for autonomous vehicles. With Zenuity Connected Roadview, vehicles will have a better understanding of the local road geometry, which will provide numerous benefits including smoother braking when entering a curve or continued steering assistance when lane markers are poor or temporarily absent.

TomTom and Zenuity join forces on “Zenuity Connected Roadview” for autonomous vehicles

TomTom’s HD Map will power the localization, perception and path planning in the Zenuity autonomous driving software stack, in combination with on-vehicle sensors such as cameras, radar, and LiDAR, to create a continuously updated map. TomTom’s HD Map thus complements sensors, powering accurate localization and enabling path planning. It already covers the USA, Western Europe and Japan with over 380,000 km of highways and interstates mapped.

The TomTom HD Map content will be delivered to Zenuity’s Connected Roadview via TomTom AutoStream, an innovative map delivery service for autonomous driving and advanced driver assistance systems. It enables vehicles to build a horizon for the road ahead by streaming the latest map data from the TomTom cloud. By ensuring that the map used to power advanced driving functions is always the latest, TomTom AutoStream enhances driver comfort and safety.

Zenuity is at the forefront in the development of advanced driver assist systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving (AD) technologies. The company is expected to have its first driver assistance products available for sale by 2019, with autonomous driving technologies following shortly thereafter.

Zenuity, with offices in Sweden (Gothenburg), U.S. (Detroit), and in Germany (Munich), is a joint venture of Autoliv and Volvo Cars, an ADAS and AD technology collaboration between a tier one supplier and a leading premium car manufacturer. While Autoliv is the exclusive supplier and distribution channel for all Zenuity products sold to third parties, there is no exclusivity toward any customer or the owners.

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