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TomTom and Cisco to work together on traffic information technology

TomTom is developing “ultra-fast lane level traffic technology” supporting autonomous driving and smarter mobility. For this, the company is conducting a research in cooperation with Cisco to leverage roadside data captured by Cisco’s array of sensors, routers, and controllers to create the next generation of traffic information technology.The research combines Cisco’s data with TomTom’s traffic fusion technology and expertise, supported by Cisco’s Internet of Things platform.


The research will be use Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) technology, which has the ability to convert a fibre optic cable into an array of virtual microphones that detect and measure vehicle movements. This data is to be merged with TomTom’s pool of floating car data from over 500 million devices. It will then be displayed and analyzed in a TomTom interface specifically designed for the needs of Traffic Management Centres.

This project aims to develop better products supporting the demanding requirements of autonomous driving, where cars need to know what lies beyond their sensors, in real time and on each lane.

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