Neuvition announces Titan M1 high resolution LiDAR with video fusion

High resolution LiDARs allow autonomous driving cars to see better from a longer distance and makes it much harder to miss small objects on the road.

In this line, Neuvition has announced the first version of its 480 lines HD video LiDAR, Titan M1. The semi solid state LiDAR has a resolution of 480 vertical lines and 1280 pixels max for each line (resolution of 1280 x 480).

According to the company, the Titan M1 is one of the highest resolution LiDARs on the commercial market. It has up to 1.5 million points/sec data rate with multiple returns and distance up to 200 meters. It uses a 1550nm wavelength laser which is eye safe and works better in certain weather conditions compared to the 905nm laser.

Neuvition LiDAR is the dynamically adjustable system which allows the LiDAR to be adjusted dynamically to use different resolution, power, scan density, distribution pattern, etc. It like a smart phone can be easily controlled with software or APIs which makes it much easier to adapt for different applications and environments.

Another important feature of the Neuvition LiDAR is the video fusion. The Titan M1 comes with a video camera on board. It can generate the colorless point cloud, or the colored point cloud which is important for many applications. By combining distance data and color, we make it easy to generate the 3D color model with our LiDAR devices.

Source: Press Release


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