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The next-generation Xevo Market delivers fleet management features through a driver-workload-tested interface

Xevo, leader in data-driven user experiences for the automotive industry will deliver effective, easy-to-implement tools for fleet management companies in the next generation of its Xevo Market platform.

Xevo’s fleet tools will be suitable for fleets of any size, ranging from local franchise operators with part-time delivery personnel to large commercial operations with full-time drivers. Fleet Complete is the first fleet management solutions provider to utilize the Xevo Market platform as an extension of their comprehensive fleet services.

The next-generation Xevo Market delivers fleet management features through a driver-workload-tested interface by enabling monitoring and notifications to be incorporated into the vehicle’s embedded in-dash screen; a mobile application for drivers is also available, intended for use only when the vehicle is not in motion.

With Xevo Market, fleet management services can be added via an over-the-air (OTA) update – no hardware or installation is required, so fleet managers can be up and running very quickly without the typical dedicated-device expenses and installation downtime.

Combining Xevo’s Market commerce platform with Fleet Complete’s fleet IoT expertise revolutionizes and simplifies fleet management for an experience that is more accurate, efficient, and economical for fleet operators.

Xevo Market’s new fleet management capabilities benefit all fleets, and are especially attractive to those managing part-time fleets, such as a pizza restaurant’s group of delivery drivers. These drivers, and their vehicles, do not operate as “fleet” all the time – for example, a student who delivers pizzas part-time becomes part of the fleet only while working.

Pizza delivery drivers often use their personal vehicles for work, and Xevo Market’s tools for fleet management companies makes it possible for a driver to “join” the fleet while they work by authenticating themselves through Xevo Market in their vehicle’s in-dash display or the mobile app at the beginning of each shift.

 The head unit display then provides a user interface for the driver to help them manage basic tasks like planning the most efficient route for their combination of deliveries, displaying their next few deliveries, and navigating to a delivery location. Once an authorized driver signs in, data including the location and routing of their vehicle is available to the fleet manager during the course of their shift.

This information gives fleet managers the ability to manage drivers, confirm that deliveries were made, and even monitor driving behavior. There is also the option to create and manage a driver risk profile, with the potential to receive reduced insurance rates based on driver scores. Both the management portal and the user interface are customizable to meet the specific needs of each fleet.

Xevo will be showcasing the next-generation Xevo Market fleet management experience during Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2018, February 26-March 1 in Barcelona, Spain.

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