Telenav offers global navigation Scout SDK developers program based on OpenStreetMap(OSM)

Published: May 26, 2014


Telenav announced  its new Scout for Developers program, featuring a new Scout Maps and Navigation SDK. It is the first commercial-grade navigation for mobile app developers worldwide based on the crowd-sourced OpenStreetMap (OSM). It is also the first widely-available navigation SDK to offer hybrid (both online and offline) navigation using OSM. OSM is a crowd-sourced map of the world that is often more detailed and updated than Google Maps and other commercially licensed maps.

The new Scout for Developers solutions are powered by Scout’s highly-rated maps and navigation technology and include a high-level of customization, giving developers the ability decide on what detail is shown on the map, its color and styling all with the developer’s own branding. It  also includes a new Scout Maps API for desktop and mobile websites based on OSM.  Strava will be one of the first companies to use the new OSM-based developer solution, with plans to integrate the Scout Maps API into the company’s popular GPS cycling and running mobile apps. The Scout Maps and Navigation SDK and the Scout Maps API are priced well below the competition and include free offerings. Other pricing details and features are available on the self-serve website

Offline capability is completely customizable to allow developers to offer downloadable maps for offline navigation at any level, from an entire country down to a local neighborhood. Other capabilities of the Scout Maps and Navigation SDK include vector maps, unique route options such as pedestrian and biking trails, detail-rich OSM data like building footprints and bicycle routes, and options for colors, style, and branding.

According to Philipp Kandal, Managing Director of the new Scout for Developers program, ” No one else – including the other major navigation app developers like Google and Apple – offers an SDK with offline navigation, that any developer can use.”

Mark Shaw, CTO at Strava says,  “The Scout Maps API provides the detail and ease of use that we need to continue to provide great service to the worldwide community of athletes on Strava.”

Source: Telenav

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