Tata Motors is testing driverless buses at its Pune campus

Tata Motors is testing driverless buses at its Pune campus. The company has developed a full-fledged bus which is being tested on a fixed route, without any human intervention, from the last two months, according to a report by The Hindu BusinessLine.

The bus uses the sensors placed at simulated bus stops to slow down or adjust its speed allowing the passengers to board and alight. At present the buses being tested at a lower speed of 10Kmph but as the platform stabilizes, they would be tested at higher speeds and more realistic road conditions.

Autonomous cars face a lot of challenges to be driven on the Indian roads like lack of proper infrastructure and driving discipline but the buses and public transport vehicles that operate on a fixed routes and in areas of limited traffic, present an area where driverless technology can be employed.

Many companies and Urban planning authorities around the world are collaborating on this front. Cities like Paris, Las Vegas, Sydney, Singapore etc are are working to deploy driverless buses on their roads. Some cities have also deployed these vehicles on a smaller scale or are conducting trials to study the results so that it can be implemented on a larger scale.

Many cities in India are struggling with the problem of hyper-urbanization that has caused problems like traffic congestion and pollution. Driverless buses and shuttles can help solve these problems also making the public transport more efficient and convenient.

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