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Autonomous vehicle will have lower rates of severe crashes: VTTI


Published: January 11, 2015 | Arlington, VA In a recently published report, VIRGINIA TECH TRANSPORTATION INSTITUTE compared the crash results of conventionally driven vehicles and self-driving vehicles. This would seem to be an easy question to answer: simply compare current published crash rates with the data on self-driving cars. A deeper look …

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VTTI inscribes algorithm to envisage traffic trends


Published: September 19, 2014 | United States Virginia Tech Transportation Institute is mapping various factors into a comprehensive, meaningful algorithm to predict traffic flow. The project began as a means to calculate accurate travel time to nearby locations. Those times were then displayed on electronic highway signs to better inform …

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Greg Fitch of VTTI on ‘Infotainment & Driver Distraction’


   In-car Infotainment: Is it contributing to distracted driving?  It is no doubt that the in-car infotainment is finally becoming a reality. Automakers and consumer electronics are diving deep into the oceans of in-car trends. However, despite of its huge potential some critics have often correlated infotainment with that of …

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