• u-blox module for smart bus solution in Taiwan
    Posted in: Smart Mobility 22 November, 2016

    u-blox announced that its technology is powering a new smart bus solution from Baoruh Electronic in Taiwan which combines LTE-based telematics and Automated Fare Collection(AFC) for intelligent fleet management. Its modules provide accurate positioning across various conditions, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and high speed 4G connectivity with 3G fallback. The new POS One smart bus solution […]

  • Connected vehicles and the Internet of Things that really matter
    Posted in: Connected Driver, Featured Articles 02 November, 2016

    The Internet of Things (IoT) has come to automotive. Having started with infotainment it has evolved to fusing sensor, positioning, cellular and short-range communications within exciting new V2X architectures that will enhance the driving experience and safety and accelerate the development of autonomous vehicles. At a basic level V2X, vehicles can communicate critical information between […]

  • u-blox releases 3D automotive dead reckoning
    Posted in: Connected Driver 18 February, 2016

    Published: February 18,2016 u-blox’s NEO-M8U module uses Untethered Dead Reckoning (UDR) technology, which provides continuous navigation without requiring speed information from the vehicle. This innovative technology brings the benefits of dead reckoning to installations previously restricted to using GNSS alone and significantly reduces the cost of installation for after-market dead reckoning applications. The strength of UDR is […]

  • u-blox acquires connectBlue to drive Bluetooth-based in-vehicle connectivity
    Posted in: Connected Vehicles 20 May, 2014

    Published: May 20, 2014 u-blox  announces the acquisition of Swedish connectBlue AB. The acquisition greatly enhances the u-blox portfolio of positioning and cellular wireless communications solutions with short range communication products. This strategic move broadens the u-blox module offering bringing within reach millions of devices connected to the internet. Key applications include industrial machine-to-machine (M2M), medical equipment, […]

  • u-blox launches CAM-M8Q GPS /GNSS antenna module supports all satellites
    Posted in: Autonomous 21 February, 2014

      Switzerland: Swiss-based u-blox has introduced the CAM-M8Q GPS/GLONASS/BeiDou/QZSS antenna module. The module integrates a u-blox M8 satellite receiver IC plus SAW filter, LNA, TCXO, RTC, passives and a pre-tuned GNSS chip antenna in a tiny 9.6 x 14.0 x 1.95 mm package. Just add power for instant stand-alone global positioning! Combining low power consumption […]

  • u-blox launches GNSS modules with 8th generation in-house chip technology
    Posted in: Autonomous 29 January, 2014

    Switzerland: u-blox, a leader in cellular and positioning modules and integrated circuits, introduces its popular MAX, NEO and LEA GNSS modules in u-blox’ next-generation, multi-constellation positioning platform u-blox M8. The new module series satisfy a wide range of requirements by providing a scalable range of features including antenna management, integrated filters, data logging, crystal or […]

  • u-blox launches industry’s smallest SARA-U2 3G module
    Posted in: Autonomous 13 December, 2013

    Switzerland: Swiss-founded u-blox, a leader in wireless and positioning modules and integrated circuits for the industrial, automotive and consumer markets, has expanded its popular SARA cellular module family with 3G variants, the SARA-U2 series. The new modules are the industry’s smallest surface mount UMTS/HSPA cellular modems, ideal for a wide range of industrial M2M, vehicle […]

  • u-blox introduces LEA-M8F surface-mount precision timing module for cellular networks
    Posted in: Autonomous 03 December, 2013

    Switzerland: u-blox has announced the LEA-M8F precision timing GNSS module. The compact, surface-mount module generates a precise 30.72 MHz reference clock crucial for synchronizing industrial data and communication systems such as small, femto and macro-cell mobile networks. High accuracy is achieved by disciplining a local oscillator or other clock source with timing signals received from […]

  • u-blox Introduces M8 multi-GNSS platform supporting concurrent positioning
    Posted in: Autonomous 15 October, 2013

    Switzerland: u?blox has announced the launch of its core positioning platform u-blox M8. The new chip forms the basis of u-blox’ upcoming line of positioning modules which are able to acquire and track different satellite systems concurrently to achieve higher accuracy and reliability. Supporting all deployed as well as upcoming Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), […]

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