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Management of traffic in Aarhus, Denmark using BlipTrack Bluetooth sensors


Aarhus, Denmark has been using BlipTrack Bluetooth sensors for several years to collect traffic information, based on the movement of road users´ Bluetooth devices. The sensors, placed on the entire road network, including adjacent highways, provides the city with both real-time and historic traffic information, including driving times, speed, dwell …

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Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to help ease traffic management


Published: June 18, 2015 Have you ever witnessed a 2-mile long traffic jam while cruising on a highway and quickly believe, “Like, I didn’t see an accident back there, I wonder what happened?” Similar researches and solutions are coming each day on a plethora of traffic monitoring and management technologies, …

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Kapsch TrafficCom ranks #1 in ABI Research’s intelligent transportation systems competitive assessment

UK: Kapsch TrafficCom ranks first in ABI Research’ Intelligent Transportation Systems vendor Competitive Assessment, performing strongly across hardware, software, and solutions and excelling in toll collect and road use charging, traffic data, monitoring, and management, road and vehicle safety systems, and hardware. In second place was Siemens, excelling in regional …

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TomTom unveils LBS platform for faster application development


USA: TomTom has introduced its new Location Based Services (LBS) Platform and Developer Portal. TomTom LBS equips developers with the content and tools to rapidly create location-enabled applications for a variety of commercial and consumer markets. Example apps that can be created include fleet management, route planning, traffic management and …

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