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U.S: Senate Commerce Committee approves legislation on self-driving vehicles


In U.S., Senate Commerce Committee has approved comprehensive legislation on self-driving vehicles, however after this full Senate needs to take the up the bill. The bill is being seen as a boost for self-driving cars and is expected to speed up their deployment. Clarifying the roles to be played by …

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Baidu enters into partnership with Bosch and Continental AG


China’s Baidu has entered into two separate partnerships with Bosch and Continental AG to work on self-driving systems and vehicles, smart transportation and the Internet of Vehicles. Strategic agreements were signed during Chinese Premier Li Keqiang’s visit to Germany last week. Continental and Bosch both are well-known auto industry suppliers. …

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Waymo vs Uber: Uber fires Anthony Levandowski


Uber has fired Anthony Levandowski, he was at the center of its legal battle with Waymo. He had previously worked at Google and was associated with the company’s robocar effort for a long time. Levandowski left Waymo’s project to join Uber six month later. It was alleged by Waymo that stole …

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Russian tech firm Yandex working on self-driving car


Yandex, Russian search and internet technology firm is working on self-driving car technology and has developed a self-driving vehicle prototype. The prototype is a modified Toyota Prius V, laden with sensors, AI and using some of the company’s patented computing algorithms. The company has developed this prototype in order to …

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Consumers trust self-driving technology from conventional automakers more


According to a survey conducted by INRIX, a US-based connected car services and transportation analytics firm, consumers trust conventional automakers more with autonomous driving technology in comparison to tech giants. Around 5000 people were surveyed across five countries namely, the US, the UK, Italy, Germany and France. Around 30% answered …

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Pittsburgh having afterthoughts about Uber’s Self-driving cars


 Uber’s Self-driving taxis had debuted in Pittsburgh in September last year and it was welcomed all across the industry and was seen with a lot of optimism. Bill Peduto, the mayor of Pittsburgh, said in September “You can either put up red tape or roll out the red carpet, If …

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Uber put its self-driving cars back on the road


Reuters      Uber Technologies Inc put its self-driving cars back on the road on Monday, voicing confidence in its autonomous vehicle program three days after one of its cars was involved in a crash in Tempe, Arizona. Uber wrapped up a brief investigation and cleared its autonomous cars to resume driving …

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Baidu attacked by hackers trying to steal its driverless car technology


It has been reported by Bloomberg that Baidu Inc. has been attacked a gang of “hackers-for-hire” who tried to steal its driverless car technology. Baidu has not been able to figure out the entities that could be behind these hackers but the company has decided to bulk up its cybersecurity …

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Survey reveals positive view of people towards self-driving cars

A self-driving car by Google is displayed at the Viva Technology event in Paris, France, June 30, 2016. REUTERS/Benoit Tessier

There are different ways of looking at the same picture, although government and other agencies are cautiously optimistic about the future of this technology but the mass seems to be very well-disposed to it. This was revealed in a new Ford-commissioned survey, where many Europeans felt time behind the wheel …

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Ford to start testing its self-driving cars in Europe


Ford has announced that the company will begin expanding testing of autonomous cars on European roads next year, in addition to extensive testing in the U.S. Thomas Lukaszewicz, manager, Automated Driving, said “We have already announced plans to use an autonomous vehicle for a ride-sharing service in the U.S. in …

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