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Domino’s Pizza and Ford collaborate to explore the role that self-driving vehicles in delivering pizza


Domino’s Pizza and Ford Motor Co. are launching an industry-first collaboration to understand the role that self-driving vehicles can play in pizza delivery. As part of the testing, researchers from both companies will investigate customer reactions to interacting with a self-driving vehicle as a part of their delivery experience.  This …

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Autonomous Vehicle – A Solution to Traffic Congestion

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The pursuit of self-driving cars is well and truly underway, with the who’s who of automakers mostly targeting around 2020 or 2021 to roll out vehicles that are at least Level 3 automation (according to SAE International’s classification). Some, like Tesla, is even more ambitious with sights set on 2018 …

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A U.S. House committee approves a bipartisan bill to speed up the deployment of self-driving cars

An influential U.S. House committee has approved a revised bipartisan bill on a 54-0 vote, Reuters reported. The bill aims to speed up the deployment of self-driving cars without human controls and bar states from blocking autonomous vehicles. The full U.S. House of Representatives will take up the bill when …

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SK Telecom gets permission to test its self-driving car on the public roads of South Korea

SK Telecom has obtained a temporary permission to test its self-driving car technologies on the public roads of South Korea from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (MOLIT). The company can run its autonomous car on the track at Seoul National University (SNU) and public roads starting this month. …

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Driver now says self-driving Autopilot system wasn’t responsible for the Minnesota crash

According to some media reports, a Tesla Model S was involved in an accident in central Minnesota recently. This accident had resulted in minor injuries to the driver and 4 passengers as the vehicle rolled over and into a marsh. The driver, 58-year-old David Clark had blamed Tesla Autopilot the accident initially but …

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Waymo training its cars to recognize the sights and sounds of emergency vehicles

It’s crucial for every driver to recognize the characteristic signs of an emergency vehicle, therefore, Waymo is training its self-driving cars for this. The company has teamed up with Chandler Police and Fire in Arizona to set up an “emergency vehicle testing day.” The self-driving cars of the company equipped …

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Baidu under investigation as CEO breaks rules regarding self-driving cars


Baidu has recently been in news for its Project Apollo and the grand alliance it made with 50 companies for developing self-driving car technology. But the company is now under investigation for violation of rules regarding testing of self driving cars. Robin Li, the CEO of Baidu had conducted a …

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TomTom and Baidu join forces to develop HD maps for autonomous driving

TomTom_Baidu_T'wire - Copy

TomTom and Baidu have joined forces to develop high definition (HD) maps for autonomous driving. Their collaboration on the development of a global HD map service combines TomTom and Baidu’s expertise in HD map-making and artificial intelligence (AI). Baidu will leverage TomTom’s Real-Time Map Platform to improve HD map-related technologies …

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Kangaroos cause confusion to Volvo’s self-driving cars

Volvo-kangaroo-t'wire - Copy

Volvo while testing its self-driving cars in Australia has been witnessing a unique problem, according to reports. The car’s animal detection system has failed to recognize kangaroos. The detection system has come across many animals and can detect animals like deer, elk, caribou, moose etc. But kangaroos have proved to …

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Ford is making “great progress” towards deploying its first fully self-driving car by 2021: Ken Washington

ken-washington-t'wire - Copy

Ken Washington, vice president of Research and Advanced Engineering and chief technology officer, Ford Motor Company recently in an interview with Detroit Free Press has said that Ford is making “great progress” towards its goal of deploying its first fully self-driving car by 2021. He said that the company doesn’t …

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