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NXP Semiconductors joined Auto-ISAC


NXP Semiconductors N.V.  has joined the Automotive Information Sharing and Analysis Center (Auto-ISAC). Auto-ISAC was formed by automakers to establish a secure platform for sharing, tracking and analyzing intelligence about cyber threats and potential vulnerabilities around the connected vehicle. Auto-ISAC operates as a central hub that allows members to anonymously …

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NXP announced a new automotive radar microcontroller


Published: 07 November 2016 NXP Semiconductors N.V. announced a new automotive radar microcontroller (MCU), the NXP S32R27, that will deliver the features and performance required for making safe, automated driving a reality. NXP is the leading supplier of radar-based ADAS semiconductor solutions. An estimated 50 percent of all car radar …

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ANSYS simulation solutions to power NXP Semiconductors next-gen in-car infotainment system

Ansys logo

Published: February 4, 2015 | PITTSBURGH, United States NXP Semiconductors has significantly reduced its product footprint and improved overall performance of its new car infotainment system by using power noise and reliability sign-off solutions for integrated circuits from ANSYS. With digital radios becoming a standard feature in automobiles, scalable multi-standard …

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NXP semiconductors N.V. launches Stella first solar-powered family car

Stella solar-powered family car

SINGAPORE: NXP Semiconductors N.V. announced that Stella, the world’s first solar-powered family car, will be making its debut in Singapore . This NXP sponsored vehicle recently won the gold medal in the inaugural Michelin Cruiser Class at the World Solar Challenge 2013. Designed and driven by Solar Team Eindhoven from …

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NXP introduces audio amplifiers to reduce smartphone interference


Netherlands: NXP Semiconductors has provided improved quiescent current reduction and decreased smart phone signal interference to its family of Class-AB audio amplifiers. The integrated GSM input filtering is built in for increased EMC robustness. The TDF8546A (4x 25Watt) and TDF8548A (4x 28Watt) are the industry’s first Class-AB amplifiers to extend …

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NXP and Cohda unveils connected car technology with its new V2X device

NXP Semiconductors

Netherlands: Cohda Wireless and NXP Semiconductors have launched the MK4 which is the latest generation of its connected car anti-collision technology based on the NXP/Cohda RoadLINK chipset. The chipset addresses both Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) and Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I) implementations, collectively referred to as V2X. The MK4 is half the size of its …

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NXP ranked as the top supplier of ASSP semiconductor by IHS report


USA: According to a recent report by HIS, NXP Semiconductors ranked as the top supplier of ASSPs of automotive infotainment in 2012, securing the spot two years in a row. Luca DeAmbroggi, Senior Analyst for automotive infotainment at HIS, said: “NXP is extremely well-positioned with its ASSP portfolio for the …

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NXP and Cohda signs Memorandum of Understanding, also announces to deliver RoadlinkTM

NXP Semiconductors

Netherlands and Germany: According to a recent news, NXP Semiconductors and Cohda Wireless today announced that they have signed the CAR 2 CAR Communication Consortium Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). The memorandum aims at implementing and deploying harmonized technology for the wireless communication between cars, or between cars and traffic infrastructure, …

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NXP unveils GloTOP for GLONASS satellite system


USA: NXP Semiconductors has launched GloTOP 2.5G, the latest addition to the company’s ATOP family of telematics solutions. GloTOP is an automotive telematics module specifically designed to work with the Russian GLONASS satellite navigation system. Featuring a parallel reception system for both GLONASS and GPS, GloTOP is able to automatically select the …

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