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The first “vehicle to grid” (V2G) electric car recharging facilities arrives in Italy

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The first “vehicle to grid” (V2G) electric car recharging facilities have arrived in Italy. Thanks to an agreement signed between Enel Energia, Nissan Italia and the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT), a pilot corporate electric car sharing project has started with V2G chargers at the IIT headquarters in Genoa, Italy. …

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PEC Chandigarh and IIT Bombay collaborate to develop an app to ease congestion in public transport

PEC University of Technology, Chandigarh and Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Bombay have collaborated to work on a research project to devise a mobile application which will make public transportation systems easier for consumers by giving live updates about the current location of the buses. The project is aimed towards …

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Delhi/NCR vehicle speed data gathered using GPS

New Delhi: A recent study by a research group, UrbanEmissions.info, has found that a fifth of a car’s traffic time in Delhi is spent idling or crawling at less than 4 kmph due to heavy congestion on roads and too many signals. The speed data across the NCR was collected by students …

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