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UK government releases guidelines regarding automotive cybersecurity


The UK government has released guidelines regarding automotive cybersecurity. The document named as ” Principles of cyber security for connected and automated vehicles” was released by the Department for Transport and Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure. The quick start guide to vehicle cyber security lists the 8 principles: …

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Baidu attacked by hackers trying to steal its driverless car technology


It has been reported by Bloomberg that Baidu Inc. has been attacked a gang of “hackers-for-hire” who tried to steal its driverless car technology. Baidu has not been able to figure out the entities that could be behind these hackers but the company has decided to bulk up its cybersecurity …

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Fiat Chryler and Harman hit by lawsuit complaint on its architectural vulnerabilities


Published: August 5, 2015 | United States This week, three Jeep Cherokee owners filed a complaint against both Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and Harman International, the maker of the Uconnect dashboard computer in millions of Chrysler vehicles. Now the small group of plaintiffs is hoping to invite anyone with those vulnerable …

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GM developing fix for its OnStar security system’s hack found by DARPA


Published: February 10, 2015 | United States General Motors is developing a fix for its OnStar telematics system after researchers found a way to hack into one of its cars and take over several functions, including the brakes. In a segment covering cybersecurity on Sunday night’s “60 Minutes,” a team …

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BATTELLE: Connected interfaces to improve safety and reliability of connected vehicles

battele anuja

Modern cars are computers on wheels and are increasingly connected and controlled by software. Dependence on technology in vehicles has grown faster than effective means to secure it. Security researchers have demonstrated vulnerability to accidents and adversaries over more than a decade.  Therefore, hacking a connected car is not a …

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Are cars vulnerable to hacking? Chinese University Team proves it right!


“While cars have grown more comprehensive and smart, therefore a lot of denounce can be done with a smart car” Recently there was a piece of news that “the auto industry is marshaling resources to develop ways to defend cars and trucks from cyber attacks.” Although there are no known …

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