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EMC Insurance Companies has chosen Octo as a fleet telematics partner for its commercial telematics program, Peak FleetTM

Octo Telematics

Octo Telematics announced today that EMC Insurance Companies has chosen Octo as a fleet telematics partner for its commercial telematics program, Peak FleetTM. Octo Telematics will provide the full platform and accompanying services for the insurer’s fleet telematics program to promote safer driving and maximize fleet performance. According to a …

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Volvo aims for fuel optimization and driver retention with I-SEE fleet telematics option


Published: March 27, 2016 | Hagerstown, MD Volvo’s state-of-the-art engine plant in Hagerstown (the truck assembly is in nearby Virginia) unveiled a new family of fuel-efficient engines (with up to 6.5 percent better performance), took a victory lap for selling a record 38,849 trucks, and showed off a new predictive …

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TomTom provides WEBFLEET fleet telematics services Shell in Europe


Published: November 13, 2015 | Amsterdam TomTom Telematics and Shell cooperate to offer businesses in Europe a complete fuel management solution using the TomTom Telematics fleet management platform WEBFLEET alongside Shell fuel management services. As a result of this agreement, TomTom Telematics will launch a service that integrates euroShell Cards …

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Harman Red Bend’s OTA updates to be integrated in Webtech Wireless fleet telematics offerings

Published: September 24, 2015 | Stamford, CT Webtech Wireless has integrated HARMAN’s Redbend Software Management, an end-to-end over-the-air (OTA) software solution, into its GPS fleet management offering throughout North America. Webtech Wireless’ integration with Redbend Software Management solutions adds secure cloud-based mobile device management capabilities to its cutting edge WT10X …

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Orange Business Services buys French commercial fleet telematics firm


Published: April 17, 2015 | France Orange Business Services has acquired French fleet management and vehicle tracking solutions company Ocean for an undisclosed amount. Ocean currently manages 45,000 vehicles for 2,000 corporate clients. It will become an operational unit of Orange Applications for Business, OBS’s digital services division specializing in …

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Teletrac and Navman Wireless form a global fleet telematics merger


Published: March 04, 2015 | Glenview, IL Navman Wireless and Teletrac have merged to create one of the world’s largest global telematics organizations. The combined company will be run by an executive management team selected from both Teletrac and Navman Wireless. TJ Chung, Navman Wireless president, will lead the joint …

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MWC 2015: Geotab and Telefonica showcase end-to-end fleet telematics solutions


Published: March 02, 2015 | Toronto, Canada Geotab announced that it will be showcasing its newest telematics technology and make it available to all attendees to experience a simulated end-to-end in-vehicle telematics solution. The company is providing its industry-leading simulation at Mobile World Congress 2015 together with Telefónica at its …

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Chile: Novatel Wireless extends deal with GPS Chile to deliver M2M-based fleet telematics solutions


Published: February 18, 2015 | San Diego, CA Chilean Fleet Management Company First to Deliver 3G M2M Telematics Solution in the Region With Novatel Wireless Mobile Tracking Devices Novatel Wireless announced an agreement to continue volume shipments to GPS Chile, Chile’s largest fleet management company. Under the partnership, Novatel Wireless …

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Teletrac to provide Android-based fleet telematics services through Samsung Galaxy Tab devices


Published: October 21, 2014 | Garden Grove, CA Teletrac partners with Samsung Electronics to expand its fleet management offerings to the Android platform on Samsung’s Galaxy Tab devices. The open architecture of the Android operating system makes it easier for Teletrac to expand the Drive app and enables customers to …

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Tata Motors officials visits Microlise in conjunct to the fleet telematics partnership


Published: October 20, 2014 | United Kingdom Microlise, has welcomed a delegation of senior management from Indian company Tata Motors, one of the world’s largest truck manufacturers. Recently, Tata Motors has signed a multi-million pound 5(FIVE) year contract with Microlise to integrate fleet telematics solutions into its entire range of …

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