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Dibotics and Intempora enter into technical partnership to solve challenges related to the implementation of driverless cars


Dibotics and Intempora have entered into a technical partnership to solve challenges related to the implementation of driverless cars, like obtaining a real-time high-definition perception of the environment, a precise localization of the vehicle and real-time sensor fusion. Intempora is a software editor having expertise in providing advanced software solutions …

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GM creates world’s first mass-producible self driving car


Kyle Vogt, GM’s CEO of Cruise Automation has said that his team has created the world’s first mass-producible car designed to operate without a driver.  He wrote on his blog that the car isn’t just a concept design — it has airbags, crumple zones, and comfortable seats. It’s assembled in …

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Autonomous vehicles will help calm down the traffic says a research

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According to a research at Temple University in Philadelphia, the autonomous vehicles will help calm down the traffic. The finding by a collaborative team of researchers at Temple and three other universities indicates that self-driving cars and related technology may be even closer to revolutionizing traffic control than previously thought. …

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U.K. government plans to invest 800 million pounds in new driverless and electric vehicles


Bloomberg has reported that the U.K. government has plans to invest more than 800 million pounds in new driverless and electric vehicles. Recently the Queen in her speech in the Parliament stated that the government aims to make Britain a leader in electric and driverless vehicles and to deliver on …

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GM’s Cruise automation to foray into HD mapping for driverless cars


According to some reports, GM’s Cruise Automation has decided to foray into HD mapping. The company for the purpose will be recruiting a leader for a new HD-mapping team. The report says that eventually, the mapping efforts will cover 100 cities. The company is trying to gain an edge over …

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Uber suspends its pilot program for driverless cars


Reuters Uber Technologies Inc suspended its pilot program for driverless cars on Saturday after a vehicle equipped with the nascent technology crashed on an Arizona roadway, the ride-hailing company and local police said. The accident, the latest involving a self-driving vehicle operated by one of several companies experimenting with autonomous …

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London’s Royal Automobile Club to host world’s first driverless car motorsport event

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Published: February 26,2016| London The Royal Automobile Club has announced that it will host the world’s first motorsport event for driverless cars on its Woodcote Park estate near London. The Autonomous Vehicle Trial is due to be held on 31st October this year. It will mark the opening of London Motor …

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Samsung planning to use an amusement park as test bed for driverless cars


Published: January 14, 2016 | Yongin Samsung Electronics will use the Speedway motor racecourse at Everland, an amusement park at Yongin  as a testing area for self-driven or autonomous vehicles.  The Gyeonggi government and Samsung Electronics said the company will remodel Speedway to make it a testing ground for autonomous …

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Carnegie Mellon, Uber partners to create Uber Technologies Center focusing on driverless cars


Published: February 5, 2015 | Pittsburgh, United States  Uber and Carnegie Mellon University are announcing a strategic partnership that includes the creation of the Uber Advanced Technologies Center in Pittsburgh, near the CMU campus. The center will focus on the development of key long-term technologies that advance Uber’s mission of …

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Singapore plans to explore autonomous vehicles to reduce congestion and pollution


Published: December 24, 2014 | Singapore As driverless cars edge slowly toward commercial reality, some people are wondering how cities might change as a result. Will traffic lights disappear? Will parking garages become obsolete? Will carpooling become the norm? Singapore is keen to find out. The city-state will open one …

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