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Ford Global Technologies patents an off-road autonomous driving system


US Patent and Trademark Office has granted Ford Global Technologies a patent for an off-road autonomous driving system. According to the patent, the system would utilize wide-ranging sensors like radars, Lidar, and cameras, it will also have detectors to detect road conditions, which will be supported by data like topographic …

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Waymo showed off its technology to reporters at its California testing facility


Waymo showed off its technology to reporters at its California testing facility. The company had invited dozens of reporters to its testing facility at a decommissioned Air Force base where they were taken on an approximately 10-minute, two-mile drive in the company’s completely driverless vehicle. In the interaction with the …

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Nissan tests fully self-driving car prototype on streets of Tokyo


Nissan Motor Corp. tested the next-generation ProPILOT technology on a modified INFINITI Q50 sports sedan. The technology enables the vehicle to operate autonomously on urban roads and freeways, beginning when the driver selects a destination using the navigation system, until arrival. The prototype’s artificial intelligence uses input from 12 sonars, …

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Safety and consumer readiness to adopt top obstacles to advancing autonomous vehicle development, says survey


Foley — a global leader in advising automotive suppliers, OEMs, technology and emerging companies— has released a survey—2017 Connected Cars & Autonomous Vehicles Survey.  The survey remarks that traditional automakers and suppliers have been joined by emerging and mature technology companies in the race to fill the streets with driverless …

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CornerCameras can detect objects or people in a hidden scene

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A lot of research has been going around sensors to be used in the self-driving cars that would enable them to have complete knowledge of their environment and surroundings. Several automakers and technology companies have come up with different solutions, some revolve around usage of Lidar, some rely on Camera …

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Nvidia unveils Pegasus, artificial intelligence computer designed to drive fully autonomous robotaxis


The robotaxis are being seen as the next big thing in the automotive market that would put an end to private ownership of cars, but the technological hurdles in this direction are yet to be cleared. It is known that the computational requirements of robotaxis are enormous — perceiving the …

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GM acquires LIDAR technology company Strobe


General Motors has emerged as one of the front-runners in developing autonomous cars, the company had last month announced to have built the first mass-producible self-driving car. Accelerating its efforts in this direction the company has now acquired LIDAR technology company Strobe, Inc. The motive behind this acquisition is to …

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Intel ropes in LeBron to create favorable opinion for driverless cars

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Intel is working aggressively in the field of autonomous cars, with the acquisition of Mobileye, securing a deal with Tesla, making public collaboration with Waymo and forming the Autonomous driving platform with significant players, the semiconductor giant has quickly cemented its place as an important player in the automotive ecosystem. …

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Autonomous cars from GM’s Cruise Automation involved in six auto crashes


During the last month, autonomous cars from GM’s Cruise Automation were involved in 6 auto crashes while testing in California. However, none of these crashes were caused by the self-driving cars of the company. In all the cases the other vehicles were responsible, the company has given this information to …

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Automated vehicles will result a range of complex regulatory challenges that can affect the insurance market profoundly


Berg Insight has released new findings about the effect of autonomous cars on auto insurance. Several major trends are currently impacting the motor insurance market, which has resulted in higher competitiveness and new stakeholders on the market. The integration of telematics technology constitutes the latest revolution for the automotive insurance …

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