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BlackBerry lays down framework to secure connected and autonomous vehicles


BlackBerry has laid out a recommended framework to harden connected and autonomous vehicles against cyberattacks. BlackBerry’s recommendation leverages the company’s proven expertise in security and accounts for industry trends in connectivity and automated driving. The key points, outlined in the whitepaper titled “Cybersecurity for Automobiles: BlackBerry’s 7-Pillar Recommendation,” are summarized …

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FASTR releases automotive industry guidelines for secure Over-the-Air updates


FASTR– a nonprofit research consortium dedicated to automotive cybersecurity– has released Automotive Industry Guidelines for Secure Over-the-Air Updates to provide evaluators with comprehensive, objective guidelines by which to analyze automotive software over-the-air (SOTA) update systems. The guidelines are intended to assist automotive manufacturers and others involved in evaluating platforms for …

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BlackBerry introduces new cybersecurity consulting services


BlackBerry has introduced new cybersecurity consulting services aimed at enabling enterprise GDPR* compliance and mitigating security risks in connected automobiles that threaten personal and public safety. The consulting company  will guide organisations through the process of understanding how to manage company data, how GDPR* applies to the organisation, and how …

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ACEA releases six key principles of automobile cybersecurity


As cars get more connected the vulnerability to cyber attacks is also increasing, cybersecurity is a threat to the adoption of this technology as the consequences can be catastrophic if any car is hacked as the loss can not only be of data or privacy but of life. The automakers …

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Cybersecurity – a gating issue for safety in a connected and automated vehicle future


Introduction Connected, partially and fully automated vehicles hold the potential to transform our lives, making real smart cities and ushering in undreamed-of efficiencies in the transport of people and goods by land and in the futures, air, and even space.  Where things go wrong, however, potential harms are much greater …

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Advanced automotive processors from STMicoelectronics with built-in security to protect connected cars against cyber threats

ST Telemaco3P Processors_IMAGE

Millions of connected cars are already on the road, and industry analysts predict there will be more than 250 million by 2020. Unfortunately, all this connectivity builds a real surface of attack for hackers. Automotive groups are  addressing security measures to support growth in valuable markets for connected services such …

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Panasonic develops automotive intrusion detection and prevention systems for autonomous and connected cars


Panasonic Corporation has developed automotive intrusion detection and prevention systems as a cybersecurity countermeasure for autonomous and connected cars. The features of the new systems are as follows: Detects intrusions of attacks from the Internet at an early stage, and additionally detects intrusions to the in-vehicle network as a second …

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