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Navdy collaborates with Glympse to enable the drivers to share their location and other details, hands-free

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Navdy is partnering with Glympse to give users the ability to share their location and trip information including destination, route and estimated time of arrival (ETA), with friends, families or colleagues without touching their phones or taking their eyes off the road. The new Glympse feature is easy to use. …

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Alibaba Group invests $18 million in WayRay, a company that integrates AR systems into cars


Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group has invested $18 million in WayRay that makes augmented reality (AR) technology for cars. The start-up has developed an AR navigation system called Navion in which directions are shown on the windshield in a transparent holographic display, so the driver does not have to take …

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PSA Peugeot Citroën adds augmented reality to enhance the driving experience


Published: June 22, 2015 |Paris France                                PSA Peugeot Citroën has developed a Head-Up Display (HUD) system on the windscreen with a projection of a virtual image of 5 ° x 10 ° onto the windscreen in the driver’s line of sight. This technology is called augmented reality and superimposes …

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Jaguar Land Rover previews its ‘360 Virtual Urban Windscreen’ technology


Published: December 15, 2014 | United Kingdom Jaguar Land Rover has released further details of its radical ‘360 Virtual Urban Windscreen’ technology. First teased on the Land Rover Discovery Vision concept earlier this year, it uses augmented reality technology to give the driver a 360deg view outside the car. A screen …

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Thinkware introduces ‘iNavi X1’ embedded with augmented reality


Published: December 3, 2014 | Seoul, South Korea Thinkware, better known as its brand name “iNavi,” has introduced a new navigator model embedded with the augmented reality technology. The new models allows the driver to view the actual image of the road on which the driver is driving and see …

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Ford taps Mishor 3D to bring augmented reality navigation in its future models


Published: October 31, 2014 | Israel Ford Motor tapped Israeli startup Mishor 3D to bring augmented reality navigation systems to its future car models. Mishor 3D develops a technology that projects navigation routes, road safety alerts, and places of interest onto cars’ windscreens so that the graphics seem to appear …

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Continental introduces augmented reality head-up display with interactive features


Published: July 14, 2014 | Germany Continental introduced new Augmented Reality (AR) head-up display (HUD). The Augmented Reality HUD supplements the exterior view of the traffic conditions in front of the vehicle with virtual information (augmentations) for the driver. The AR-HUD was developed from the previous HUD, but now the …

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ABI Research reports developers will invest $2.5 billion in Augmented Reality by 2018

UK: A new report from ABI Research forecasts that developers will invest US$670 million in Augmented Reality (AR) applications this year. The annual amount is expected to exceed US$2.5 billion in 2018, as AR becomes a more everyday part of mobile experiences, especially in the domain of retail and marketing. …

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MapmyIndia launches portable 3D navigator

MapmyIndia has launched Zx250, a device which offers augmented reality-like experience with 3D landmarks, 3D buildings and 3D elevation across hills and mountains, apart from the regular features. Zx250 support other features like music, movie and digital photo player. It can also doubles up as a hands-free by connecting to …

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Hunted App from Metamotifs

Metamotifs has released HuntedApp 1.0 for iOS, their new augmented reality, Entertainment app where the iPhone owner is tracked down by virtual pursuers. A speed and a finish point for the chase are set in advance, and the player is given a head start. When the pursuers get too close …

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