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Allstate launches stand-alone telematics unit, Arity


Published: August 08, 2016 Allstate Chief Executive Officer Tom Wilson has recently launched an independent telematics arm of the company and has named it Arity. With this vision, he expects the stand alone business to grow by collecting data on drivers and selling analytics products to third parties. Northbrook-based Allstate has always been …

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AllState to provide “Driver Safety Ratings” for auto customers through insurance telematics data

Published: November 05, 2015 | Northbrook, IL Allstate Insurance Co. is drawing up plans for driver safety ratings based on data transmitted from customers’ vehicles. According to patent applications recently filed with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office, Allstate’s scoring system would take into account speed laws, road signs, traffic …

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AllState: Canadians are unclear about the benefits of in-vehicle telematics devices for UBI programs

Published: September 30, 2015| Toronto, Canada Allstate Canada survey finds misconceptions on advanced auto insurance options may deter Canadians from taking advantage of their potential benefits Many Canadians have embraced new automotive technology offerings because of perceived benefits, but when it comes to modernized auto insurance programs such as usage-based …

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AllState uses telematics UBI app data to “incentivize” good drivers

Published: September 02, 2015 | Northbrook, IL Drivewise® Mobile – Allstate’s award winning smartphone application – now prominently features Allstate Rewards. In addition to saving money on their auto insurance every six months, safe drivers now can use the upgraded app to earn points and use the points for deals …

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AllState launches smartphone telematics app Star Driver to help protect young drivers

Published: June 6, 2014 | UK Allstate continues its legacy of teen safe driving education and advocacy with Star Driver, a smartphone based tool powered by the new Drivewise Mobile app that helps identify and teach safe driving behaviors. Star Driver is powered by the same telematics based platform known …

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Allstate testing smartphone app to monitor drivers’ habits

Published: May 30, 2014 Allstate is testing a smartphone application that is collecting drivers’ habits. It  has a driver-monitoring program which uses a device that plugs into a car. In return for safe driving, drivers qualify for insurance discounts. Although devices like Allstate’s current Drivewise and Progressive’s Snapshot are considered …

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Allstate introduces Drivewise usage-based insurance app


USA: Allstate has launched a usage-based insurance app for smartphone users. Available for free download through iTunes or Google Play, the new Drivewise app offers near real-time updates with each trip and provides easier access to customers on the go. Drivewise provides constant feedback to drivers through a website designed …

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