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Honda unveils concepts for future mobility in Tokyo Motor Show


Takahiro Hachigo, President and Representative Director, Honda speaking at Tokyo Motor Show stated that the company is working on products that aim at the realisation of a carbon-free society and making good progress in making our gasoline-powered vehicles cleaner and more fuel efficient. In the area of automobiles, the company …

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Baidu releases second generation of its open-source autonomous driving platform, Apollo 1.5


Baidu has released second generation of its open-source autonomous driving platform Apollo 1.5. Building on Apollo 1.0, Apollo 1.5 opens up five additional core capabilities which include obstacle perception, planning, cloud simulation, High-Definition (HD) maps and End-to-End deep learning, providing more comprehensive solutions to developers and ecosystem partners to accelerate the …

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HELLA Aglaia and NXP expanding their current ADAS car vision platform with AI capability in 2018


HELLA Aglaia and NXP are expanding their current ADAS car vision platform with artificial intelligence (AI) capability in 2018. HELLA Aglaia’s ADAS platforms include NXP’s S32 and i.MX auto-grade processors, enabling a safe, scalable and complete range of front vision NCAP functionality, allowing OEMs to deploy in the volume car …

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Nexar launches AI-based road safety App based on Qualcomm Snapdragon for smartphones

Nexar has announced the first driving safety application leveraging the Qualcomm Snapdragon Neural Processing Engine (NPE) SDK. The Nexar app will now be able to provide advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), including unprecedented real-time forward-collision warnings and other life-saving features, to hundreds of millions of vehicles whose drivers own Android phones …

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Baidu and Nvidia to work together on artificial intelligence


Baidu and Nvidia are going to work together on artificial intelligence. Both the companies signed an agreement regarding this recently. This is being termed as the most comprehensive partnership for Nvidia till date and it will further consolidate its position in the GPU market. Artificial intelligence finds a wide range …

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Toyota and LINE sign MoU, to link AI platform Clova with SDL


LINE Corporation and Toyota Motor Corporation have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to explore the business opportunities in utilizing LINE’s cloud AI platform Clova and the SmartDeviceLink (SDL), a technology standard that connects automobiles with smartphone and tablet apps. Clova is being developed by LINE, one of Asia’s leading …

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Caruma Technologies and RoadBotics partner to provide roadway monitoring solution

Caruma Technologies and RoadBotics use artificial intelligence and computer vision to identify road damage and other anomalies for more efficient road maintenance. (PRNewsfoto/Caruma Technologies)

Caruma Technologies and RoadBotics have entered into a partnership in order to capture a wide array of roadway data utilizing computer vision. The combined technology provides both company’s customers an affordable, continuous, and data-driven roadway monitoring solution through the full integration of Caruma’s feature set and growing ecosystem of partnerships …

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Nexar launches CityStream, a solution that creates digital road maps and captures high-frequency, localized data from the road in real-time

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Nexar has launched CityStream, a solution that creates digital road maps and captures high-frequency, localized data from the road in real-time. Using the Nexar connected-dashcam network, CityStream is digitizing the public space and is opening up Nexar’s car-sourced data to cities looking for actionable insights into traffic patterns, real-time vehicle …

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NVIDIA collaborates with Toyota to deliver AI hardware and software technologies


NVIDIA is collaborating with Toyota to deliver artificial intelligence hardware and software technologies that will enhance the capabilities of autonomous driving systems planned for market introduction within the next few years. Toyota will use the NVIDIA DRIVE PX AI car computer platform to power advanced autonomous driving systems planned for …

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Uber to set up AI lab in Toronto


Legal issues with Waymo over ‘stealing’ of self-driving technology and speculations about future of its self-driving program has not stopped Uber from moving ahead with its plans. Recently Uber has announced that it will be setting up its first research hub outside US in Toronto. For this purpose, it has …

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