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T-Mobile SyncUP DRIVE customers can now track and manage up to 24 vehicles

T-Mobile SyncUP DRIVE customers can now track and manage up to 24 vehicles with a device installed—all in one view from the SyncUP DRIVE app. The customers will not have to bear any extra cost for this update.

Being able to track a small fleet of vehicles from a single map means business owners know that every vehicle is where it’s supposed to be when it’s supposed to be there. For example, a mobile delivery company could use the intelligence provided by SyncUP DRIVE to reroute vehicles based on their current location to serve real-time customer requests.


Stay connected: Deliver an in-vehicle Wi-Fi hot spot on the nation’s fastest 4G LTE network, perfect for sharing data with up to five Wi-Fi capable devices to entertain your family during those road trips.

Drive smarter: Analyze driving behavior to help you drive more safely, while minimizing wear-and-tear, by keeping track of dangerous driving behavior like speeding, harsh braking and rapid accelerations. And, companies can make tracking and expensing business miles a breeze.Keep an eye on your family: Know the location and status of multiple cars without contacting the drivers, set speeding alerts to encourage safe driving behavior and set alerts to be notified when your car enters or leaves a certain area.

Locate your car: Keep tabs on your vehicle, from finding your parked car on a map, locating and tracking your car’s real-time driving location or delivering a notification if the device or your car has been bumped or had the device removed.
Take care of your car: Have a virtual mechanic to help you take better care of your car and help reduce repair costs by providing helpful maintenance reminders and instant notifications about car trouble.
Get roadside assistance: From lockouts to jumps, tire changes, and tows—Allstate® Motor Club will be there to get you going again. Included with SyncUP DRIVE for customers with on a qualifying mobile internet data plan.
Roadside Assistance: Provided by Allstate Motor Club. Qualifying plan and use of SyncUP DRIVE app and device required. Contact Allstate for details.

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