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Sygic unveils its Smart Mobility Platform for cities

Sygic navigation app has unveiled its Smart Mobility Platform for cities. The platform offers local authorities tools to analyze, develop and implement an intelligent traffic management system comprised of high-performance computation backend services and mobile applications for commuters.

The Platform aims to tackle the issue of traffic congestion by offering local traffic authorities the ability to roll out central navigation and traffic management apps that monitor and optimize commuters’ use of public and personal transport – from cars to bicycles, to public transport services. The platform also enables the development of more traditional mobility apps for commuters, allowing citizens to reach their destinations via the fastest and least congested routes possible.

Collecting data from Sygic mobile application users and leveraging Azure cloud supercomputing resources, the solution provides real-time predictions of traffic levels, commuter behavior analysis, and forecasts of possible scenarios should certain infrastructure be closed or altered in any way. With this data, city officials can coordinate use of a city’s infrastructure to make sure traffic flows as efficiently as possible.

Additionally, cities can utilize the platform’s data analysis to evaluate infrastructure quality and sustainability, to predict the effect of infrastructure changes, and to plan public transit routes, priority lane strategies, waste management and street cleaning services, and efficient traffic signaling.

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