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SureDrive by LoJack, based on CalAmp telematics cloud service

Published: 12 September 2016

SureDrive is a mobile application designed to bring connected car services to consumers, including advanced safety and security technologies.

Leveraging CalAmp’s Telematics Cloud service, SureDrive more tightly integrates the vehicle with the consumer’s connected life. When combined with LoJack Stolen Vehicle Recovery System, SureDrive also helps protect their investment from loss due to theft. With this advanced solution,

CalAmp is expanding the capabilities of its connected vehicle offerings to ensure that consumers have easy-to-use and reliable technology that helps safeguard their families while driving.

Leveraging Onboard Diagnostic (OBD-II) technology for simplicity of installation, SureDrive provides benefits to consumers from a variety of connected vehicle features*, including:

  • Tripwire Early Warning™ and Stolen Vehicle Assist – Provides consumers with timely security alerts notifying them when their vehicle has been moved without authorization. In the event of theft, a single call can help locate and track the vehicle, simultaneously offering valuable assistance to law enforcement agencies during the recovery of a stolen vehicle.
  • Instant Crash Notification (ICN™) – Advanced sensors detect impact events as they occur and the sophisticated system reliably discriminates true crash events from other false positives that may occur during normal driving conditions caused by things like road hazards, potholes and speed bumps. If a crash is detected, an alert that includes key information like location, time, and an estimate of the incident severity is sent to trained US-based agents. Those agents can then offer support and reach out for emergency assistance, delivering critical information to first responders at a time when every second matters.
  • Real-time location – High-precision GPS and a persistent connection allows users to track and pinpoint the exact location of their vehicles, providing an enhanced level of convenience, security and awareness to the consumer.
  • Expandability – With access to the vehicle’s OBD-II port, real-time two-way communications, and over-the-air upgradability of the in-vehicle device, SureDrive is a powerful platform that enables the delivery of creative new connected car applications and services to provide consumers with added safety and convenience now and into the future.

“SureDrive offers advanced telematics in an easy-to-use connected vehicle service that is designed to safeguard families, protect their investment and more easily connect them with their digital lives while on the road,” said Justin Schmid, SVP and GM of Telematics Systems at CalAmp. “When combined with the LoJack Stolen Vehicle Recovery System, SureDrive provides unmatched security and peace of mind for drivers and their loved ones.”

SureDrive by LoJack will be available in early Q4v2016. For information on LoJack, visit the company’s connected car blog,,,, or

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