Steering wheel vibration alerts – Vehicle navigation gets haptic technology

AT&T vibrating steering wheel

AT&T vibrating steering wheel

AT&T Labs and Carnegie Mellon University have developed an innovative GPS-enabled steering wheel with haptic technology.

Haptic technology, is a feedback system that employs use of vibrations, commonly available in many of the cell phones as ‘vibration mode’.

Though still in prototype stage, it is synced with a GPS based tracking and navigation system and contains over 20 motors that deliver vibrations to the driver’s hands. Vibrations operate in a pattern system: clockwise for right turns and counter-clockwise for left turns. The vibrations will also escalate when drivers approach intersections.

Automakers like Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz have used vibrating steering wheels in the past for both lane departure purposes and to notify drivers when they are veering out of their lane.


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