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SmartTrans joins China Mobile to launch connected vehicle app

Published: 26 August 2016

SmartTrans from Australian has joined hands with China Mobile to launch connected vehicle app for the China market. The service would be made available to the users through China Mobile 3G/4G mobile phone network to its subscriber base. Users will pay a monthly subscription fee billed directly to their China Mobile account with SmartTrans receiving a percentage of all fees.

The app will be deployed in drivers’ smartphones and in-vehicle tablets. It will offer a range of location based services, such as fuel discounts, car servicing, car washing, driver training, road rules and driver licence testing. It will also provide referrals for car insurance and booking demonstrations/test drives for new vehicles and allow users to check offences linked to a vehicle (i.e. outstanding fines).

Subscriptions and in-app purchases will allow users to accumulate loyalty points which may be redeemed for fuel, services and other vehicle associated products and benefits.

SmartTrans Managing Director, Bryan Carr, says the app extends the wide range of auto-focused media content that SmartTrans has for some time been promoting and selling to its large active user base via the SmartPay platform.

IT Wire

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