SHIFTMobility reveals a blockchain-powered platform for the automotive industry

SHIFTMobility Inc has revealed a blockchain-powered platform for the automotive industry. By connecting drivers to vehicles, services, and everything else, the platform aims at liberating previously siloed data for proper use and meaningful intelligence.

With SHIFTMobility, data from the driver to the car, insurance, service visits, real-time condition, and more are merged into a single unbroken, secure, distributed and transferable data chain; like a fingerprint containing the complete medical history of the car.

It also eliminates remaining information barriers, security risk, and costly IT infrastructure, any concern about massive transaction volumes from vehicle generated demand.

All SHIFTMobility branded solutions are powered by its Automotive Cloud Platform which integrates parts manufacturers, distributors, repair centers, and vehicles to securely drive industry connectivity and mobile commerce with blockchain.

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