SF Motors test driving autonomous technology on the streets of Silicon Valley

SF Motors has begun test driving autonomous technology on the streets of Silicon Valley after receiving a permit from California’s Department of Motor Vehicles to test autonomous vehicle technology on public roads.

With two manufacturing plants and four R&D offices across three continents, SF Motors is aggressively pursuing state-of-the-art intelligent and connected vehicle technologies.

SF Motors finalized a multi-year $2.5-million agreement with the University of Michigan in late 2016 to conduct proprietary joint research on advanced automated driving systems. This investment has led to ground-breaking progress in autonomous technologies such as heterogeneous sensor fusion, multi-object detection and tracking, and high-performance vehicle motion control.

These technologies and breakthroughs are supporting new product development and extensive testing validation at SF Motors focused on delivering reliable, safe and affordable products to customers. Test drives are being conducted in California and Michigan, with further research expected to continue to advance the technologies.

SF Motors is also testing autonomous driving vehicles on the roads in China. The company plans to publicly announce and unveil its intelligent electric concept vehicle for global markets at an event scheduled for late March in Silicon Valley.

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