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SafeRide to contribute “openSentry” to Automotive Grade Linux (AGL)

SafeRide Technologies has announced that it will contribute “openSentry” to Automotive Grade Linux (AGL). SafeRide offers cyber-security software solution augmented by AI/machine-learning.

openSentry is an in-vehicle open-source deterministic cyber-security stack which offers a foundational security layer for vehicle applications that helps developers accelerate time-to-market in delivering innovative, connected, secure vehicle applications.

Once deployed, the security stack can be extended to supporting advanced detection and accelerated response capabilities with a commercial grade in-vehicle stack, for preventing unknown zero-day threats, and for protecting transportation asset value.

The AGL community is comprised of a diverse set of member companies that are collaborating on enabling the next generation of in-vehicle software systems. SafeRide has been an active contributor to AGL in its efforts to enhance the security of the platform. By making openSentry open source, now application developers can introduce innovative and robust connected vehicle applications with pre-built security features, to ensure vehicle and passenger security and safety, and minimize business exposure.

openSentry is available for download directly from GitHub.

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