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RT-RK to demonstrate its software development kit at CES

RT-RK has announced plans to showcase a software development kit at CES. The kit has been dubbed as RT-RK AMV (Automotive Machine Vision), intended for rapid development of multi-sensor algorithms for informational advanced driver assistance (ADAS) purposes integrated with infotainment functions, for the car.rt_rk-twire

RT-RK will demonstrate AMV platform and Qualcomm Snapdragon 820A processor together running reference ADAS algorithms and infotainment applications. AMV provides a software model to develop algorithms which utilize available sensors CAMERAS , proximity), as well as multiple processing cores (CPUs, DSPs and GPUs) in an efficient way, in order to provide for the development of complex,COMPUTER vision and machine learning– based applications. AMV is a low level SW development kit, operational under Automotive Grade Linux (AGL), acting as a middleware stack which provides APIs to informational ADAS application developers to implement algorithm pipelines in an efficient, cost-effective and platform-agnostic manner.

AMV stack on top of the Snapdragon 820A is designed to provide heterogeneous compute cores that help in computer vision and machine learning. AMV provides sensor processing alongside Infotainment functionalities, which are all executed on top of multiple cores within the Snapdragon 820A. Within the demonstration, Infotainment unit will be showcased running side by side with intelligent ADAS algorithms like aroundview and driver monitoring, fusing the camera and other vehicle sensors on a single Snapdragon S820A processor. The framework is designed to bring in informational safety features to Infotainment systems.

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