Ridecell acquires Auro, developer of autonomous vehicle technology

Ridecell, has announced the acquisition of Auro, developer of autonomous vehicle technology and the public availability of its autonomous operations platform. It is expected that the acquisition will bring the expertise to accelerate the capabilities of the Ridecell autonomous operations platform.


Auro was founded in 2013 by roboticists from Indian Institutes of Technology and Carnegie Mellon University, who have worked together on autonomous vehicles since 2011 and according to the deal, Auro’s team is set to become the Ridecell Autonomous Driving Division. This deal enables Ridecell to extensively test its autonomous operations platform in real-world environments through integration of Auro-enabled driverless shuttles in private road environments as it is known that Auro’s autonomous technology is one of the leading self-driving platform for low speed deployments.

auro-telematicswireRidecell also announced the availability of its new autonomous operations platform. The platform is designed to automate vehicle and operations management for autonomous fleets. The platform gives autonomous vehicle fleets the intelligence to manage their own operational tasks, in both routine and emergency situations. The platform can direct autonomous vehicles to operations depots for maintenance and route support vehicles to the autonomous vehicle for routine operational tasks such as cleaning as well as on-demand assistance in exceptional situations. The platform also automates vehicle access so service personnel are able to enter the vehicle. Additionally, the platform automates reporting for autonomous compliance and risk data.

Today’s announcement cements Ridecell as the leading new mobility company with a platform that scales from driven to driverless new mobility services.

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