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Renesas launches its new software packages for the R-Car automotive computing platform

Renesas Electronics Corporation has launched its new software packages for the R-Car automotive computing platform to improve security and safety capabilities for next-generation connected cars. The software packages implement embedded optimized virtualization technology that enables embedded systems to have -in a single system- security features that protect the car from external threats, and functional safety features that assure continued safe operation even in the event of failures.


To resolve the issues regarding safety, security and new integration challenges Renesas offers several new software packages that enable the integration of multiple automotive systems, including systems that require security and functional safety features, in a single R-Car platform.

  1. Virtualization Package that allows multiple operating systems (OS) to be integrated simultaneously and for multiple different applications to operate on a single R-Car system for enhanced system integration.
  2. Security Package that allows the implementation of secure booting and secure updates among other functions to meet changing security requirements.
  3. Functional Safety Package that enables control of the safety mechanisms (hardware IPs) included in the R-Car system-on-chip (SoC).

Key features of the new software packages:
(1) Embedded virtualization technology that enables integration of multiple systems while achieving both functional safety and security features

(2) Security software that realizes a secure environment to safely run programs.

(3) Functional safety software that supports system development for functional safety.

Renesas is collaborating with partners to provide solutions that support the early development of automotive computing systems and advanced driving assistance systems.

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