Renesas autonomy, a new ADAS and automated driving platform

Renesas Electronics Corporation has launched Renesas autonomy, a new advanced driving assistance systems (ADAS) and automated driving platform. As the first rollout under its groundbreaking Renesas autonomy Platform, Renesas released the R-Car V3M high-performance image recognition system-on-chip (SoC) optimized primarily for use in smart camera applications, as well as surround view systems or even lidars.

The new R-Car V3M SoC complies with the ISO26262 functional safety standard, delivers low-power hardware acceleration for vision processing, and is equipped with a built-in image signal processor (ISP), freeing up board space and reducing system manufacturers’ system costs.

Key solutions of the Renesas autonomy Platform:

(1) Trusted scalable hardware lineup delivering a comprehensive portfolio covering high performance and low power

(2) Innovative accelerators and market-proven functional safety technologies

(3) Open development platform with access to complementary ecosystem partner technologies

The R-Car V3M is the latest SoC from the new Renesas autonomy Platform – a functionally safe, high-performance, low-power device, primarily aiming at smart camera applications, but also surround view systems or even lidars.

For smart camera applications, the R-Car V3M focuses on enabling NCAP (New Car Assessment Program, Note 1) features. It is equipped with an integrated ISP and delivers high performance for computer vision, while supporting low power consumption and a high level of functional safety.

Key Features of the R-Car V3M solution:

(1) Highly-efficient image recognition engine and functional safety

(2) High level of integration for reduced cost

(3) Open solution for front camera

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