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Renault Nissan plan to launch driverless ride hailing services in future

The Nissan and Renault Alliance have plans to launch driverless ride-hailing and ride-sharing services in coming years, Reuters reported.


As the industry has been transforming with the startups disrupting the automotive ecosystem, the automakers are looking beyond manufacturing and selling of cars. They are now shifting their focus to developing expertise in automated driving for mobility services. It has been suggested by many marketing research firms that the future of the transportation would be’Pay as you go’ cars. The concept of car ownership is likely to change to cars sharing and the auto industry will be the one which will have its maximum impact so the companies are changing their strategy.

Renault-Nissan has collaborated with Transdev SA and DeNA for the purpose. Trandev is French public transport operator while DeNA is Japanese game software maker. Many other automakers too are investing in ride-hailing firms or are preparing to enter the market on their own. Recently, JLR invested in the ride-hailing firm Lyft, GM has got investment in Lyft as well has Uber. BMW AG is also testing autonomous vehicles for use in ride-hailing services,  nuTonomy Inc and ride services company Lyft Inc announced recently they would begin piloting an autonomous vehicle ride-hailing service in Boston. Volkswagen through its MOIA is also working in this sector.

But the major hurdle would be the legislation which is often outpaced by the growth in technology and starts to act as a hurdle for bringing the innovative ideas to the ground. Whatever laws and regulations have been enforced till now almost all of them require a driver to be present behind the wheels so driverless taxis have a long road ahead of them.

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